DA Hell scream 60 ability

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DA Hell scream 60 ability

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I'd like to take some times to review Hell Scream in its current form.

I know the GM is busy with changes on classes and the game that require the attention. But I'd like to get my thoughts out on this ability so its here for hopeful future changes.

My personal opinion of Hell scream is I'm not that big of a fan of it, especially as one of the few new abilities we get and it being the max lvl 60 skill.

Issues :
> The fear mechanic isnt the best idea on this ability. normally tanks don't want to fear mobs away.

> The cost is high, 4 stacks of dark power (or all 5 if you are maxed Dark Power stacks)

> The ability doesn't hit. I used it on CD for 3 raid bosses straight and it never once hit.
- It may hit on lower tier mobs

> Remove the fear mechanic

> Remove the cost of the ability.
- reason:
--The ability should increase dps, however the cost removes the dark power which would be a loss in dps on the DA. so how much does this wash out?
-- Also the cost of 4 dark power (which takes almost 1 minute to get) would be a loss in mitigation as dark power is needed for reflect damage.

> As a level 60 ability it should hit 100%. Having it only hit on lower tier mobs pretty much means the ability will never be used, no need to use on lower tier mobs as they are already killable without it, This ability is a great ability but its worth is limited if it cant be used on raid bosses.

For me, I've pretty much ignored the ability as the cost alone isn't worth in my opinion.
NOTE: I have not ran hard numbers on this as the ability is not easily usable so its difficult to determine this next statement
The Dark Power stacks (4-5) which gives a consistent DPS increase for 5 minutes would be better to keep then to use hell scream in its current form. I cant imagine the increase in damage from Hell Scream is enough to make up the dps loss from losing the dark power stacks, especially considering Hell Scream only lasts for 8 seconds.

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