Hotfixes 2/24/21

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Hotfixes 2/24/21

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- Fixed many prices of gear in the D armor/weapon shop. Mystic classes will have a much easier time farming starting D gear.
- TvT fixes and updates to class balances while forming parties.
-> Healers will be split among parties to give a more fair advantage to groups
-> Buffs have been removed, but when you die and rez, you will be healed to full
- New Reward Buffs
-> Starting today, every time you .getvoterewards per 12 hours you will be rewarded with buffs for 30 minutes!
- More events added to the voterewards
-> Rabbits, Elpies, and Race will have a chance to trigger every 50 votes!

Class Balances
Bounty Hunters
- Overhauled BH class to a "Bomber" class.
- Removed all attack skills and replaced with: Spoil Bomb, Curse Bomb, Time Bomb, Steam Bomb, Poison Bomb
-> Spoil Bomb: Your lv 20 basic attack skill that can land on 3 targets and dots for 8 seconds. After 5 seconds it explodes to deal damage to the target. Builds 1 Spoil Bomber.
-> Curse Bomb: For 5 seconds the target is slowed, and reduces Cast/Atk. Speed by 15%. After 5 seconds it explodes dealing damage to target and surrounding enemies. Builds 1 Curse Bomber
- Poison Bomb: Throw a bomb filled with poison on the ground, spreading across the ground dealing minor damage, reducing defenses/speed and silencing all targets in the cloud. Requires 3 stacks of Spoil Bomber and 2 stacks of Curse Bomber.
- Time Bomb: Places a bomb on target for 4 seconds and lowers the target Accuracy by 10. After 4 seconds, it explodes dealing high damage, interrupting, and roots the target for 3 seconds. Requires 2 stacks of Spoil Bomber, and 1 Stack of Curse Bomber.
- Steam Bomb: Throw a bomb of steam on your party member or yourself to shield them from damage and greatly increases shield defense rate for 10 seconds. Builds 1 Steam Bomber.
- Repair Armor has been revamped. Now heals 15% total HP of the caster only. Requires 3 stacks of Steam Bomber to cast.
- Spike has been revamped. Combined with Restring, spike increases damage for everyone in the party for 15 seconds. 5 min CD.

Shillien Knight
- Overhauled SK resource management and mitigation.
-> Their new resource revolves around theme of "Vampire" and sucking the energy out of their targets to protect themselves or deal damage.
- New level 40+ skills: Shilen's Strike, Blood Shower, Blood to Flesh, Vampiric Barrier
- Shilen's Strike replaces sting. Deals damage and bleeds the target/reducing Healing on targets. Builds 1 stack of Shilen's Pain.
- Vampiric Cubic now drains the targets HP to create a barrier around the SK. Builds 1 Shilen's Pain.
- Blood Shower deals high damage and reduces the targets heal effects. Requires 3 Shilen's Pain.
- Blood to Flesh deals damage to create a massive absorbing shield around the SK. Requires 4 Shilen's Pain.

- Prom/Hydro/Hurricane CD Prom/Hydro/Hurricane CD reduced to 12 seconds.
- Elemental Storm reduces from 3 EH to 2 EH to cast. Does not remove EH.
- Elemental Burst requires 3 EH to cast and removes EH.
- Burst Casting builds 3 EH at cast and generates additional EH every mana burst level increase.
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