Hotfixes 2/19/21

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Hotfixes 2/19/21

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Hotfixes 2/19/21
- Fixed C grade weapon shop
- Added D shields to shop
- Added Elite D Scraps to old exchange
- Fixed iron ore drops so it drops properly
- Slightly lowered drop amounts in D Elite Dungeons
- Fixed Daily Quests so it shows proper CD time
- Added C material and full drops to all 40+ Raid Bosses
- Reduced D material drop amount from 20-39 bosses

Class Balances
Elven Mystics/Elven Wizard
- Removed Ice Dagger

- New spell level 40: Ice Dagger
-> Fling sharp ice at the target to deal initial magical damage and DoT

- New spell level 40: Count of Fire
- Singe your target with the holy words of the Gods dealing magical damage and DoT

- Fixed Robe Mastery so higher ranks can be learned
- Reduced duration of might to 30 minutes

- Reduced Duration and DoT damage of Count of Fire

- Reduced duration of chant of might to 30 minutes

- Added Body to Mind lv 40
- Fixed Pa'agrio Gift so you can learn properly at lv 40 rank 2

Phantom Summoner
- Fixed Body to Mind so you can now learn higher ranks

- Increased Pets damage in PvP and PvE by removing passives that reduced damage
- Increased Rage spell of all summoners
- Slightly increased DoT damage of marks.

- Reduced CD and Damage of Elemental Crash and Prom/Hydro/Hurricane
- Slightly reduced damage of Blaze/Aqua/Twister/Elemental Spike

- Replaced stun from Holy Crash to a skill block

- Added new lv 56 skill: Armor Breaker
-> Removes the targets Chest armor for 5 seconds and automatically places it back after duration (only works in PvP)

- Added CDs to Summon reanimated man and Cursed Man
-> Both summons only last for a few seconds 30 sec/15 secs
-> These summons are now major CDs that summons a powerful pet for a short duration. Both summons only cost 1 summon point. You can have a total of 4 pets out now
- Reduced duration and DoT damage of Mark of Weakness

- Greatly reduced pet P. Atk to better match the tanks P. Atk.
- Tweaked both pet damage abilities CDs and damage
- Pets do not use MP anymore on skills

- Summon dark panther now replaces Shield Strike for Human Knights
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