Patch 1.65

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Patch 1.65

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- The new Crafting System is now out! Exchanged your old gear at the blacksmiths for the new resources: Iron Ore, Animal Skin, Thread, Coal, Cokes, and Durable Braids
-> Hunting Zones include new drops:
Basic Quality Material: Solo Zones, Tough Zones, Elite Dungeons, Bosses
Jewelry Gems: Tough Zones
High Quality Material: Elite Dungeons
Boss Materials: Bosses

For more information regarding the new Crafting System check out this discord post here: ... 8902443008

- C Boss Weapon SA boxes now require only the boss weapon to purchase. Starting from now on SA Weapon boxes will have a 20% chance to give you the same weapon with an SA or 80% chance to receive crystals.... good luck!

- Removed the ability to sell buffs. This decision was important as it is to make other classes relevant again. With sell shop it completely removed the importance of buffers. The game is designed around not having powerful buffs anyway, and I highly encourage you to play the game as it was intended: buffless. Buffs were always meant to designed as a boon and nice addition to the party, never a requirement. This change will enforce players to play as a buffer class if they want their party to have juicy yummy buffs. Buffers are also changed on the server as to bring decent DPS, support heals, and even off-tanking!

- Along with the new crafting system, Dwarves are given a new skill: Crystallization. They will be the only race in-game that can crystallize any gear you want. Better make friends with some Dwarves! As crystals are an essential part of the crafting system now.
- Added a new craft from Blacksmiths in any 20+ town: Soulshots/Spiritshots.
-> You can now craft SS in town for cosmetic purposes only.

Class Balances
- Fixed the double pet summoning bug
- Removed initial magic damage form marks
- Pet Skills are bugged and we are aware of the issue. We are working hard on finding the solution so your pets can bring back the pain. For now please use the pets AA damage + marks to deal decent damage.

- All buffs durations reduced from 1h to 30 minutes.

- Increased duration of War Cry from 5 minutes to 30 minutes
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