Hotfixes 2/13/21

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Hotfixes 2/13/21

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- Re-added Academy Circlets up to 2nd Class Change and now only provides 10% EXP for 1 hour
- Lowered price of Summoning Crystals from 8k to 800 adena
- Removed R grade from class cloaks
- Fixed a few mobs XP in FT
- Fixed Daily Mission info

Class Balances
Orc Shamans
- Added summoning team mate at lv 20

Human/Elf/Dark Elf Wizards
- Increased Casting Speed of Blaze/Aqua Swirl/Twister/Prominence/Hydro Blast/Hurricane
- Increased CD of Prominence/Hydro Blast/Hurricane from 15 to 16 seconds
- Lowered Solar Spark/Shadow Spark CD, damage, and Casting Speed

- Increased Elemental Spike Casting Speed slightly
- Increased Casting Speed and CD of Prominence/Hydro Blast/Hurricane
- Reduced Elemental Crash damage, CD, and Casting Speed

- New Skills lv 40: Crusader/Holy Stance
-> These new stances increases stats and allows the class to either use DPS moves or Healing moves depending on which stance they are in. Both have 15 sec CDs.
-> Crusader Stance: Increases P. Atk 5% and Speed +6. Allows the use of DPS attacks
-> Holy Stance: Increases Heal Effects 5% and MP regain 3%. Allows the use of healing skills
- Fixed several spells including Invocation, Purify, Body of Avatar casting speeds
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