Hotfixes: Feb 12 2021

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Hotfixes: Feb 12 2021

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This information will show in-game through .welcome message!
- Added Premium Accounts to L2K!
-> You can now purchase premium accounts that will offer the following:
-> 15% increase to EXP/SP
-> Cloak Coupon that can be exchanged at Dimensional Merchant for an awesome class Cloak that you can wear on any character
-> Premium accounts can be purchased per month. You can also purchase multiple months! To do so you will need to head to: and donate.
-> Once you donate, #create-ticket to inform the GM of you purchase and that you purchased L2K Points. These new l2k Points will show up in your L2K store in-game.
-> You can swap your L2K points with your L2K Token and vice versa by following these commands: .pointstotokens or .tokenstopoints
-> To purchase the premium service follow these commands: getpremium 1
-> To purchase multiple months of premium do the following command: getpremium 3 (this will reward you 3 months)

- Introduced the L2K Shop that uses L2K Points
-> Points and Tokens can be exchanged following the directions : You can swap your L2K points with your L2K Token and vice versa by following these commands: .pointstotokens or .tokenstopoints
- Added Service Potions to L2K Shop which includes Name Change and Gender Change Potions and Class Swap

- Added Coupon Exchange for the starter booster pack and cloaks at the Dimensional Merchant L2K shop in-game
- Increased the level Max for Group Quests in FT (20-37) and EF 30-47) up 7 levels each.
- Increased party size from 7 to 11!
- Fixed Scout 20 class quests to properly reward light leg armor

Class Balances
- Fixed their Crit Rate as it was never reduced from when melee DPS were overall reduced. Therefore their damage was sky high compared to other classes.

Healers 20+
- Added summon team mate at level 20! Now healers will have an easier time to bring parties together when grouping. Deep inside EF? No problem. Waiting for that slow party member? No problem.
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