Patch 1.64

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Patch 1.64

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Class Updates
- New mechanic: Momentum
-> Taken from the Glads/Tyrant classes, Destro/Warsmiths use momentum too. They build their momentum through their combo builder: Power Bash
-> Spend momentum on combo finishers Mega Bash, Crush of Doom and Armor Destruction
- New spell: Force of Nature at lv 44

- Combo finishers like Double Sonic Slash, Triple Sonic Slash, Hurricane Assault, and Punch of Doom requires stacks of Momentum to cast
- Triple Slash and Burning Fists now charge 1 stack of Momentum
- Removed passive momentum charges through skills/AA
- Removed Sonic Blaster/Sonic Buster Momentum generation

Berserker/Soul Breaker/Arbalester
- New mechanic: Death Mark
-> Combo skills now curse the target with Death Mark debuff that reduces the targets pdef and mdef by 10% for 5 seconds.
-> Finishers require certain number of stacks to cast

- New skill: Soul Rage
-> Range soul blast that adds a stack of Death Mark

Soul Breaker
- Curse of Divinity now buffs the caster for 5 seconds that increases 30% Crit Damage from rear, 30% Crit Rate, 5 evasion, and Speed by 40.

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