Hotfixes: Feb 7th 2021 v2

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Hotfixes: Feb 7th 2021 v2

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General Update
- Removed Ceremony of Chaos
- Added new commands
-> While in-game you can type different commands:
-> .welcome to view the guide and database links
-> .seepartylevel lets you see everyones level in party
-> .votestat
-> .getvotereward
-> + more!
- Raised Clan Entry level from 1 to 40 before you can enter a clan through the General Menu Clan Entry
- Fixed Claymore to now be Enchanted.
- Increased SP scroll from 50 to 200 SP per scroll
- Greatly reduced HP and Damage of the Dark Lords minions in CT

Class Balances
Melee DPS
- All melee dps classes now do not spend mana on damage abilities!

- Renamed Energy Drain to Energetic Blow
-> Increased CD to 8 seconds
-> Increased damage and now requires 3 Energy stacks to cast

- All basic damage combo abilities give 1 stack of Battle Focus
-> Each stage of Battle Focus increases 1% P. Atk up to 10 stacks
- Power Bash now continues to be learned after 40 and is no longer removed
-> The new combo is Power Bash, Fatal Strike, and Crushing Blow.
- Armor Destruction now requires 3 stacks of Battle Flow to cast

- Mega Bash revamped: Increases the Destroyers damage by 50% and Atk. Spd. by 30% while reducing P. Def by 10% for 5 seconds. Increased CD to 20 seconds and slightly reduced damage. Requires 3 stacks of Battle Focus.

- New lv 40 skill: Disruptive Bash. Interrupts spellcasting and decreases the targets spell casting speed by 23% for 8 seconds.

- All basic combo damage abilities now build momentum making it easier to build momentum!
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