Hotfixes: Feb 7th 2021

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Hotfixes: Feb 7th 2021

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@here Please restart your launcher
General Updates:
- Updated the welcome message when first logging
- Fixed CoC rewards so when you lose, you still are rewarded marks

Class Balances
- Chain Blow, Heart Breaker and Blood Stab crit chance reduced to match crit rates of all dps melee classes which goes by 15%, 25%, 50% respectively.
- Added an additional buff to Heart Breaker to increase Critical Strike Chance by 30% when striking the targets back.

- Reduced DoT damage of Blood Stab, Mega Smash, Crushing Pain

- Fixed intercept so it cannot be cast on self
- Restored CP heal if HP is full

- Reduced Pet AA damage
- Increased Dark Panther Dark Claw damage plus added an additional reduction to healing. 30% in PvE and 80% in PvP. lasts for 8 seconds on a 20 sec CD.

- Replaced summon agro cubic with Touch of Life
-> ToL heals target for 30% Max HP, heals 50 HP per sec, increases debuff resistance by 20%, and buff removal resistance by 100% for 15 seconds.
- Might of Heaven now burns a percentage of MP on target in PvP only

- Added Silence at lv 40.
-> Silences the target for 6 seconds

- Added Disrupting Smash at lv 40
-> Interrupts the targets casting and reduces their casting speed by 23% for 8 seconds

- Added DoT to Volcanic Destruction
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