Patch. 1.5

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Patch. 1.5

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General Update
- New Raid Boss vs Regular Mob Party System
-> A new Group EXP/Item rate has been implemented to encourage players to group up for Raid Bosses. There is now a major bonus for players regardless of level difference to battle Raid Bosses. These rates are affected towards the player against the Bosses level. For example, if a level 39 player wants to help a low lv group of 30s kill a lv 30 raid boss, they can now without any penalty to the boss drops. However, they will still be a major drop in EXP the loot will still help! Let's say that 30 group wants to kill a lv 33 boss. That lv 39 players EXP penalty will be greatly reduced from before this update and the EXP will be much higher.

Rate Table

- Introducing a new Tough Zone Resource Mechanic! Orc Barrack, Garden of Eva and Death Pass now all have a new material they can drop. These items can be turned in at any Blacksmith in 20+ towns for Boss Material! However, be warned that these are meant for dedicated farmers and to add a new system for smaller groups to farm gear.
-> 1 D Boss Material = 75 D Tough Material
-> 1 C Boss Material = 100 C Tough Material

- Added in the Daily Coin Shop! (finally :? )
-> Every grocery merchant now has two options: Regular Shop that requires Adena or Daily Coin Shop that sells same items but for Daily Coins!
- Added a new Elite Scraps option on Elite Blacksmiths.
-> This is to help clear some of the screen and break up Boss Material list and Elite Scraps list.
- Fixed Range mobs not following when pulled. All range mobs will now chase you around corners. Be careful!!!
- Reduced Raid Bosses Archer Damage
- Removed back bonus 10% crit rate increase
-> Hitting the back of your target still increases your damage
- Greatly increased EXP from CT and Ant Nest
- Slightly increased EXP in all Tough Zones
- Reduced several Solo Mobs EXP
- Removed MP/HP Regain from Clan Buff
- Reduced Min Level to join CoC from 50 to lv 40
- Fixed CoC not registering wins for Summoners and classes with Pets that deal the final blow with said pet

Class Balances
Rogue/Elven Scout/Assassin
- Reduced CD and increased Hit Time of Soul Arrow and Deadly Shots
- Soul Arrow now regains MP
- Reduced Damage of Backstab, Deadly Blow, and Soul Arrow

Mystics 1+
- Increased Cast Time and Damage of Wind Strike
- Wind Strike moved from lv 1 to lv 2
-> Better bash those Gremlin with your staff until lv 2....
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