Patch 1.141

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Patch 1.141

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General Update
- Added ocean friends to Talking Island Waters
- Reduced HP from x4 to x3 for OB Mobs
- Reduced RB Turek Mercenary Captain Total HP from 141k to 40k

Class Balances
- New lv 40 skill: Reverse Energy
-> Deal damage to target to absorb their energy, gaining a stack of Energy up to 10 stakcs. Each stack increases your P. Atk by 1% per stack up to 10% at 10 stacks.
-> This new mechanic revolutionizes the dagger gameplay and rewards those who master it.

Orc Mystic
- Replaced Chill Flame at lv 2 with Life Drain. Life Drains is a new nuke for Shamans that works like Solar Spark/Shadow Spark. Deals the same damage on 10 sec CD.
- Chill Flame learned at lv 7 and is now on a 10 sec CD and 8 seconds duration. Reduced damage per DoT.

Melee Classes 20+
- Enrage/Drain Punch CD increased from 60/45 seconds to 120 seconds.

Summoners 40+
- Pet Dash slow duration decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
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