Server/Discord/Forum Rules

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Server/Discord/Forum Rules

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Server Rules:
- No combat increasing potions.
- No multiboxing
- No botting
- English only in-game chat (whisper and clan chat is fine with any language)
- No Racism, Homophobia, or offensive language will be tolerated. It will be immediate ban if argued.
- No posting of other game links. Talking about them is fine, but no recruiting or asking to join in another game.

Report any user violating these rules in #create-ticket with screenshots, name, and detailed report.

First offense will result in a warning.

Second offense will result in 3 hour Ban.

Third offense will result in a 1 day char ban.

Fourth offense will result in a permanent ban.

Discord/Forum Rules:
- No violent, overly sexual, antagonizing material
- Any GM/Mod has the right to delete text, remove/ban an account as they deem necessary
- A ban from discord does not mean a ban from in-game
- You can appeal for an un-ban by reaching out in-game or discord
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